Free Games Strategy

Now that you know where you can download games for free, the real question is how do you win?

Every game must employ a different strategy that exploits the weak points of that game and reduces that specific game’s house edge. Be wary of betting systems such as the Martingale System that claim to work across all games – these are very unrealistic and certainly won’t work in the long run. Follow Free Game Download’s advice on how to win at online casino games.


When playing Craps, never do single-roll or proposition bets. These bets have a much higher house edge than the best bets, which is known as the Pass Line family of bets. These include the Pass Line, Don’t Pass, Come, and Don’t Come bars. When you wager on these bets and take the odds, your house edge is reduced to zero and the house no longer has an advantage over you. Enjoy!


When playing Baccarat, there is one simple rule to remember: never bet on the Tie bet. That’s because the likelihood of a Tie is much slimmer than the Player or Banker bet, so even though it pays out more, it’s best to avoid this as the event is rarer.

Online Slots

Always play the maximum payline when you’re playing online slots. There’s nothing more disappointing than seeing a winning combination on a payline you didn’t wager on!

Now that you know the best strategies for free downloadable games, check out where to play and start winning.